With so many great photography apps already available for iOS, Trimensional is the first to offer 3D scanning capabilities. Trimensional sets itself apart by offering something not currently available in any other app and it’s a steal at only buck as well. It requires an iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod Touch to work its magic because it uses the front facing camera to capture images.
So how does Trimensional pull this off, while other companies require more sophisticated technologies like advanced infrared depth sensors or LIDAR laser-scanners? This app takes a much simpler route to achieve 3D images. First, you have to be in a dark room and set the screen brightness to max. Then hold still and run the app. It will light up the screen and record the image on the front facing camera. Then it processes the image internally and outputs a cool 3D picture for you to enjoy.
For now, Trimensional cannot export 3D data, but I would imagine this will change in the not too distant future. As it stands now, this is more of a fun app that creates some really cool images, but not much more. Trimensional also produces some unexpected results at times, but for the most part, it is quite a remarkable app. Now all we need is an iPhone that has a 3D screen.

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You’ve asked, and we’ve listened! This year we are hosting our first art grants workshop. Come hear from those involved in the Black Rock Arts Foundation’s and Burning Man’s grant processes about what is needed to create a successful grant proposal. You’ll be given a chance to ask questions about the mandatory grant forms — why we ask certain questions, what information we are looking for, how to get those character specs to work, and more. If you can’t make it to the event, don’t worry! Send in your question by Wednesday, January 12th and it will be answered during the workshop. The workshop will be recorded, and a video posted on the Burning Man website shortly after the event.

This workshop is not open to the general public … only artists who are working on grant applications for Burning Man and BRAF.

After the workshop, please join us for the Art Lounge. This event is a social mixer for artists who created work for Burning Man last year and/or are planning art projects this coming year. Your creative spirit gives so much to Black Rock City and the world, that we want to thank you for your inventiveness and resourcefulness. It is also for Art Department volunteers who assist artists on the playa with a dedication and creative energy all their own. We hope this will be an opportunity to meet one another and spark increased creative cross-pollination and collaboration.

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Idling of gypsum operation puts Empire-Gerlach in jeopardy
The company-owned town of Empire, which is 100 miles north of Reno, will go quiet after 87 years when USG Corp. halts its gypsum mine and wallboard manufacturing operations in January.

Officials say the move, putting 92 people out of work, is considered an “indefinite idling.” It’s possible the plant will reopen if and when the ailing construction industry recovers.

But the ripple effect of the closure could extend beyond the 300 people — employees of USG and their families — who live in company-owned apartments and single-family homes in Empire.

The area, including nearby Gerlach, is a launching point from State Route 447 for the tens of thousands of participants in the annual Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert.

“For them, it’s catastrophe,” Elliott Parker, economist at the University of Nevada, Reno, said of the longest-running gypsum mine in the U.S. coming to a halt. “If the idling isn’t temporary and (USG) doesn’t come back in a year or two, I’d have a hard
time imagining Burning Man could continue there.”

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Undoubtedly one of 2010’s most anticipated films, Disney’s TRON: Legacy finally hit cinemas earlier today. This video was created by Andrew Dorn from scenes captured at the premiere and is accompanied by music from Galapagoose. The event saw Will Hine, Harley Powell, Alexi Dowley and Jay Huggins skate up and down a small half pipe that was fitted with interactive lighting software, keeping in theme with the technologically advanced motion picture. Enjoy!