District Burners at Playa Del Fuego!


District Burners is looking to recruit members to join their camp at this years Spring PDF! This year promises to be one for the books, and would like you to be there! If interested please speak up! The only prerequisite, is that you bring something to help contribute!

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District Burners proudly presents “Electric Collective”
WHEN: May 14th 2011 8PM – 4AM
WHERE: 411 New York Ave. NE, Washington DC 20002

Art | Live Graffiti | DJ’s | Bands | Fire Arts | Prizes | Raffles

Our last event held on Halloween was such a success, we decided to throw another! This time it will be twice as big, with double the DJ’s, live bands, graffiti and fire artists! Graffiti created the night of the party will be raffled off to ticket holders, as will free drink specials.

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District Burners Radio | Unprotected Sets : imperial – Vernal
recorded March 28th 2011 – 190kb – 127.4 MB – 1:28:24
download : stream via iphone


Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – Callisto
Pryda – Illusions Original Mix
Weekend Heroes – Fear Factor Riktam and Bansi Remix
Paul Thomas – Ultraviolet (Original Club Mix)
Michael Woods – Nitro Original club mix by elarci
Pan-Pot – Captain My Captain (Booka Shade Remix)
Afrojack – Esther (Original Mix)
Groove Amigos – (Original Club Mix)
Pete Tong & Paul Rogers – Headstrong (Original Club Mix)
Enok Felix Baumgartner – Souk
Funkagenda – Budgie Original Club Mix
Mario Ochoa, Luigi Rocca – The Passenger – Original Mix
Gabriel Rocha – Drunken Russian (DJ PP Edit)
El Mundo & Satori, Kid Culture – Gotta Help (Mendo Remix)


DJ?, Controllerist?, Performer? The thoughts behind Ravenbutterfly.
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A Reflection, about my “DJ’ing” style.

While I currently mix and play tracks using my controllers, my real goal is to continue to work more toward “Controller-ism, the art of manipulating sounds and creating music live using computer controllers and software”. The reason I don’t spend more time now with vinyl or Cd’s is because they are not immediate steps necessary for the current progression of MY goals with today’s technology. Starting so late in life compared to most DJ’s, I love being able to play and share the music I love so much for people who share that same love while continuing to learn, grow and gain experience. Working to blend my love of technology and music towards my artistic goals. Don’t forget folks music is an art form. And there are many ways to express and share it.

To purist’s, i hear them say that if you didn’t use vinyl, or Cd’s you are not a DJ. I will always have the utmost respect for all those before, their work, and their efforts for with out them I would not have the almost insane passion for the music that they presented to inspire me. I will never be the “DJ” they are but the DJ or whatever term I AM….One thing I have found, even though there are more DJ’s than you can imagine, and everyone I have met, heard play or played with, brought some little piece of them that made them unique, whether it be an idea, a skill, a sound an energy, something that they share that’s unique to them. And I am grateful for anyone who wants to express their art and the music that they are passionate about.
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