I saw this little gem when coming out of “The Looking Glass” one night. The bike is actually a mix between a cream orange, and hot pink, which is very hard to describe. What really stands out on this bike, is that somehow the owner had the tires color-matched, or the owner bought the tires that color, and painted the bike to match.

Story by: Ian Kreer


“A little about me”
I created this website for the sole purpose of bringing all of my interests together, and displaying them in a controlled manner. My interests are photography, website design, creating music, and sharing this collection with people who are equally interested. I also host a weekly internet radio broadcast, “Sessions”, every Monday night on District Burners Radio. Sessions is targeted to listeners who enjoy listening to Washington D.C.’s local DJ talent. The genre played is mostly E.D.M., but thoughts of expanding are in the works. There are also quite a few people that are involved in creating, and managing music content for District Burners Radio. Without these people, DBR would not be what it is today. Included are Andrea Noble, Larry Hickman, Ramiro Gill, Julia Graham, and most importantly, all of you.

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