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So, Ramiro, tell us a little about yourself, and how did you become a part of the D.C. Electronic Dance Music scene?

A little bit bout my myself.. lol.. Oh where to start! Well I was born in 1977 in Santiago Chile. LOLOLOL.. Just playing with you all. I wont give you my life story.

I’ve always loved music, especially the 80′s since, well i grow up in that era and heavily influenced by it. I got my first taste of EDM though in 92, when a friend of mine gave me the cd United Stance of Techno. That i would say was the beggining of what was gonna be a life
long obssession. From there on was when i discovered Prodigy, The Dust Brothers (Chemical Brothers), Jam & Spoon, Robert Miles, Underworld, the list goes on! Zoltar’s Mutant Dance Party on WHFS was also a main staple of mine on a weekly basis in the mid 90′s. I learned about so many different groups and artists, ranging from trance to dnb to industrial. I event had a stint of loving Eurodance (i can see your face cringing already -lol).

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A picture of the “enthusiasts” corner can say millions. 20+ 100″ LCD panels, talking VW Bugs, and a great group of people are what you will find at the Herndon Volkswagen center. You can take a free tour of the building every day. Be sure to visit them at

2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive
Herndon, VA 20171
(703) 364-7000

Posted by: Ian Kreer

As I came home from work, I noticed a very loud chirping sound coming from my feet as I unlocked the front door. Unaware were it was coming from, as I opened the door, this little guy jumped on my foot, and took a ride inside my house. As this happened, my next door neighbor came over to see what i was doing, saw the bird, and immediately told me not to touch him with my hands. Glad he did because I did not know if you touch them, your odor will cause the mother to desert the young bird, since it was handled by humans. So the young bird was left outside for a few hours to see if the mother would pick it back up to it’s nest. After a few hours, I come outside, and the little guy is gone. Hopefully he had a ride back to the nest, or learned how to fly.

Posted by: Ian Kreer

As me and my girlfriend were walking around the mall, we stopped to check out a Star Wars coat that caught our eye. As we quickly learned, this was no ordinary coat. When you completely zipped it up, the hood came over your head to form a storm trooper look.

Posted by: Ian Kreer