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So, Julia, tell us a little about yourself. And what was the last gig you played?

I am 53, retired navy. Walked into my first EDM Party/Club at the age of 46 at the suggestion of a friend to try getting me out of the gloom I was in. So, I went to Nation for a Buzzlife event on a Friday night hear in DC, having no clue what it was like and after that first night it basically became my Friday night home up until its close. I was so grateful and wanted to give something back to this community I had found, so I helped do street promotion/flyering etc, for Buzzlife while they were at the FUR venue and for the early renditions of District Ignition and their weekly event “Prefix”. Both experiences were amazing getting to meet so many people, both attendee’s and DJ’s etc. And hear so many local and international DJ’s that continued to make my love for the music grow. read more

The iPad’s 9.7 inch display offers one of the more unique user interfaces around for app designers. German software developers Algoriddim have taken full advantage of that functionality turning your iPad screen into a virtual turntable set. Complete with two decks, crossfader, individual channel mixers, volume controls, pitch blend sliders, and automix capability the Djay app from Algoriddim smoothly transitions the vinyl scratching sound of turntables into the virtual realm. For a set price of $20 anyone can enjoy the novelty of a disk jockey.

Source: Uncrate

Click the image to open in full size.If you’re somewhat confused as to how the iPad will “save” the publishing world when it continues to kill the printed page with each passing day, you’re not alone. But as dwindling publishers look for new ways – any ways, in fact – to keep people reading something, billionaire industrialist Richard Branson – I mean, Sir Richard Branson – may very well be the knight in shining armor for the publishing world today.

On Tuesday, Apple launched in its App Store the new “Project” reader, a free application that makes it possible to read the new “Project” magazine ($2.99 each) – the brainchild of Branson and partner Anthony Noguera (a former FHM editor). The digital publication optimized for the iPad is jam-packed with rich multimedia content, spanning “international culture, entertainment, design, business and travel.” The first issue, available now, sports Tron star Jeff Bridges on the cover and delivers “an interactive 3D tour of Tokyo” on the inside.

At present, the release of “Project” is being hailed as the biggest digital magazine development in the life of the iPad. But it’s yet to be seen if this fancy, dressed up, and high-end version of similar digital magazines will truly make a splash on the iPad and, more importantly, among voracious e-readers. Regardless, if you’ve got the time and $2.99, you can now see for yourself what this much-hyped “Project” is all about.

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